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Products and Services

Burglary Insurance

This policy provides protection against loss of movable items by theft accompanied by violent entry into and/or exist from the premises. In view of the remote possibility of total loss by the theft of all the items at various locations in a single burglary event, we would recommend incorporation of the first loss sum insured to act as the insurers limit of liability for anyone loss and also the maximum under the policy.

Computer/Electronic Equipment Insurance

Noting the operational hazards to which electronic equipment is exposed, we recommend this cover for your computers, Air conditioning Plant and accessories to provide indemnity for losses resulting from:

a)  Breakdown, actual breaking, distortion or electrical burn out whilst in use or at Rest;

b)  Accidental damage i.e. any other sudden and unforeseen loss including fire and Lightning, theft, earthquake, malicious damage, riots, strikes and civil commotions.

This cover would additionally provide:

i. Indemnity for damage to other data carrying media e.g. Hard Disks, tapes and cables resulting from any of the above perils.

ii. Reimbursement of additional expenses incurred to reproduce lost data and records following damage to the insured equipment by any of the above perils.

Workmen's Compensation Insurance

It is a statutory obligation for every employer to take out insurance for compensation to his employers for death and/or permanent incapacity from accident sustained whilst at work. A statute of this effect was recently passed by Parliament with laws of the land mandating 60 months cover i.e. 5 years earnings for each employee for both Death and Permanent Disability. The cover is also extended to include medical up to a limit agreeable to you.

Employers Liability Insurance

This insurance is similar to workmen’s compensation except that is covers those employees who are not covered by the workmen’s compensation act or where the employer wants to take high limits of compensation payment to employees

Public Liability Insurance

To provide protection against your legal liability to compensate third parties for injuries and/or damage to their property resulting from accidents or events at any premises owned, occupied, hired or leased for your operations anywhere in the country. 

Fidelity Guarantee Insurance

To provide protection against loss of cash and/or stock by fraudulent means (involving staff)

Money Insurance

This cover would be required for indemnity against “All Risks” of physical loss and/or damage to money whilst in transit to and from the premises and whilst in the premises during and after working hours.

We would require an estimate of the annual carryings and the limits of cover desired for the various situations/circumstances to enable us tailor a suitable quote. Our cover also includes indemnity for damage to safes following theft or attempted theft.

Group/Personal Accident Insurance

This policy provides benefits to the policy holder in the event of bodily injury resulting from an accident and in the event of a fatal accident to his dependants. This Insurance can also be arranged for a group of persons such as employers, footballers and other sportsmen’s or organization.

House Owners/House Holders Insurance

This insurance cover protects house owners against risks of fire damage and theft of contents in the residential buildings.

Professional Indemnity Insurance

This insurance is to protect professionals from harmful acts which may be construed to be due to their negligence like accountants, legal practioners and loss adjusters.

Machinery Breakdown, Boiler and Pressure Vessel Insurance

This policy provides cover against risks of accidental breakdown or damages to plants, machinery, boiler and pressure vessels. An extension of this policy can be granted to enable business owners meet fixed financial obligations such as salaries, rent, interest on loan etc, whilst the machinery is being repaired.

Plate Glass Insurance

This policy offers protection against the risks of accidental breakage of glass of show room, office building etc

Marine and Goods in Transit Insurance

This cover is recommended for business whose operations involve regular importation of Raw materials, packaging materials, spares, etc and/or exportation of finished products.  The indemnity provided under this policy is for “All Risks” of physical loss and/or damage to the goods whilst in transit from one country to another. These goods may be carried by road, rail, air or sea or maybe a combination of the modes of transport.

International Travel and Medical Insurance

This policy covers travelers as a result of an accident, loss or damage to personal effects and other benefits provided under the policy

All Risks Insurance

This policy provides protection for your various portable valuable items e.g Mobile phones, Telephone systems, Fax machines, Switchboard, Fans, Office, Fittings and Equipment etc. The indemnity under this cover is for all risks of physical loss of and/or damage including fire and theft, and also includes cover for the insured items whilst being used away from the premises or in repair workshops.

Contractors All risk Insurance

This policy covers business and commercial premises against risk of damage to or loss of equipment for construction, machinery and materials.

Consequential Loss Insurance

This policy covers loss resulting from interruption or interference occasioned by physical loss or damage to the property used by the insured in respect of the business.

Bonds Insurance

We offer several types of Bond Insurance. These include all types of customes bonds and contract bonds such as performance Bonds, Bid bonds, Advance Payment Bonds etc. These are essentially securities for performance of obligations.

Risk and Perils Insurance

This policy provides indemnity for loss of and/or damage to buildings, Plant and machinery, Stock in trade, etc. Resulting from Fire, Lightening, Explosion of Gas or Boilers used for domestic purposes, Earthquake, Subsistence and landslip, Impact by moving objects, Aircraft damage, Riots, Strikes and Malicious damage, Water damage by burst pipes or apparatus.

Motor Third Party

This is a statutory requirement for vehicle owners. Motor third party policies protect motorists against legal liabilities that may arise out of accidents to other road users

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