1. Making a Complaint

  1. The complainant shall make a written complaint by letter, email to excelins@exico.co.ug or through the Company’s website exico.co.ug at no cost.


  • A written complaint shall be delivered at the Company reception, fully signed with a clear contact addressfor feedback purposes where is shall be promptly acknowledged by affixing a date stamp and signature.
  • Complaints made via the Company’s email or website shall also be promptly acknowledged by sending an acknowledgement of receipt to the complainant.
  • Each complaint shall be allocated a reference number in the Complaints Register.

2. Complaint Investigation and Resolution

  1. The Complaints shall be fully investigated and if there is need to meet with the complainant, his presence shall be requested.
  2. Complaint investigation shall take all necessary steps to resolve a complaint within fourteen (14) working days.
  3. Occasionally investigations may take longer, particularly if the complaint is complex. Should this be the case a holding letter will be sent after fourteen (14) working days giving an indicative date when a conclusion is expected to be reached.

3. Communication of the feedback

  1. The complainant shall be informed in writing of the outcome of the resolution process. Outcomes can include among others, an apology to the complainant as appropriate.
  2. The Complainant is at liberty to write back to the company within seven (7) days from receipt of the written response in case of dissatisfaction with the outcome of the complaint resolution and the Company shall further look into the complaint and give with its decision on that matter.