Claims Notification

Reporting a loss in a timely manner is key. The insured has an obligation to notify the insurer of the loss as soon as it occurs. It should be emphasized that prompt reporting of a loss preserves evidence critical in determining admissibility and quantum of the claim.

Important information to note

  1. As soon as we are notified of a loss, we shall visit the scene as soon as practically possible, in any case, within 3 working days.
  2. If the claim requires the services of an independent assessor/investigator, one shall be appointed in writing and you will be copied in this and all subsequent correspondences.
  3. You will be notified of the documents required to assist in the assessment of the loss and they should be provided as soon as possible.
 ActivityIndicative Timelines
1Insured notifies us of a claimAs soon as possible
2 Claim is acknowledged and claimant is contacted to explain the documents requiredWithin 3 working days after intimation of a claim.
3Site visit by claims staff and/or assessorWithin 3 working days after intimation of a claim.
4 Insured provides all documents requestedAs soon as possible.
5Making a settlement offer or communicating repudiation of a claimWithin 5 days after receipt of receiving final supporting documents, final adjustment or investigation report. Discharge voucher to be submitted together with final adjustment report
6Settling the claim Up to 10m: within 3 working days. Up to 50m: within 5 working days. Above 50m: within 10 working days. on receipt of a signed discharge voucher.